House Bill 1525: Prohibiting Gender Affirming Care

No health care professionals, including medical doctors or nurses, or behavioral or human service professionals are allowed affirm a young person’s sexual attraction, behavior or gender identity if different from genitalia or DNA. Prohibits gender confirming surgeries which are rarely performed for on anyone under 18. Prohibits puberty blockers and hormones for those under 18. This bill, like others, does not recognize or distinguish trans youth from young people with precocious puberty, who would also be affected by this bill. “Under the bill’s requirements, there is no direct penalty, but under lawful practice health care professionals could have action taken against them by the State Health Commissioner. The State Health Commissioner could issue a letter of correction or probationary license, conduct a resurvey, deny renewal of a license, revoke a license, or issue a civil penalty not to exceed $10,000.”

House Bill 1525
Introduced House Bill (H)
Authored by Rep. Bruce Borders.

Prohibited health care for minors. Prohibits specified health care professionals from: (1) performing certain medical procedures on a minor; or (2) prescribing, administering, or furnishing certain drugs to a minor; that purposely attempt to change, reinforce, or affirm a minor’s perception of the minor’s own sexual attraction or sexual behavior, or attempt to change, reinforce, or affirm a minor’s gender identity when the identity is inconsistent with the minor’s biological sex.

Actions for House Bill 1525
H 01/19/2023 First reading: referred to Committee on Public Health
H 01/19/2023 Authored by Representative Borders

Link to PDF of introduced bill: HB1525.01.INTR

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