Kentucky legislature files House Bill 30 invading privacy of transgender students

Published: 5:14 PM EST January 9, 2023

House Bill 30 filed with the Kentucky State Legislature would invade student privacy by forcing students to use bathroom facilities of the gender they were assigned at birth.

Kentucky House Bill 30
Last Action 01/03/23: to Committee on Committees (H)
Title AN ACT relating to public school facilities and declaring an emergency.
Bill Documents Introduced
Bill Request Number 384
Sponsors B. Wesley, J. Hodgson

Summary of Original Version
Create new sections of KRS Chapter 158 to define terms; establish legislative findings; ensure that student privacy exists in school restrooms, locker rooms, and shower rooms; require students born male to use only those facilities designated to be used by males and students born female to use only those facilities designated to be used by females; require schools to provide the best available accommodation to students who assert that their gender is different from their biological sex; identify consequences for using facilities designated for the opposite biological sex; EMERGENCY.

Index Headings of Original Version
Courts, Circuit – Student privacy rights, claims filed concerning
Education, Elementary and Secondary – Student privacy, ensuring
Effective Dates, Emergency – Student privacy, ensuring
Teachers – Privacy of students, ensuring
Children and Minors – Student privacy
Civil Actions – Student privacy