PARODY of the "Citizens Concerned for the Constitution" Logo

Eric Miller’s right-wing anti-LGBTQ+ hate group “Advance America” used to be called “Citizens Concerned for the Constitution.” This group has spent years lobbying in the Indiana State legislature on anti-LGBTQ+ legal issues intended to marginalize and eliminate LGBTQ+ folks from Indiana’s population. These are the folks that introduced legislation in the 1990s to get LGBTQ+ people rounded up and “quarantined” in containment facilities as a proposed solution to the AIDS crisis. They also proposed legislation making it illegal for lesbians to get artificial insemination from sperm banks.

Citizens Concerned for the Constitution used to have this Art Deco-Type logo that was reminiscent of Nazi propaganda posters. When I saw it, I immediately realized how easy it would be to parody, and so I did. I created this PARODY logo, making the macho man in the middle into a gay male couple, and adding a nice well-muscled woman into the group for lesbian interest.

my parody version of the logo

Original Logo

When I put the image on posters at a lobbying event that took place at the Statehouse, people from the organization were really not happy.