House Bill 1346: Promoting harassment of gender non-conforming students


Students are not allowed to request that teachers or school employees or other students use a name that is different from their birth certificate, or any pronouns or gender identifiers that are different from their identified genitalia: “‘sex’ means an individual’s biological sex as either male or female: based on the individual’s genetics and reproductive biology at birth, including sex organs, chromosomes, and hormones.” For trans young people who have undergone a social gender transition, this forces them out of the closet. Parents of trans children will be deterred from moving to Indiana because they might be required to submit a birth certificate or genital inspection of their child. Any child who doesn’t conform to strict gender norms is subject to genital inspection or demands for documentation.

House Bill 1346
Authored by Rep. Jake Teshka.
Co-Authored by Rep. Joanna King, Rep. Martin Carbaugh, Rep. Timothy Wesco.

Gender fluidity. Provides that a school may not promote or encourage the use of, or require, compel, or coerce a student, an employee of the school, or a staff member of the school to use: (1) a pronoun, title, or other word to identify a student, school employee, or other individual that is inconsistent with the student’s, employee’s, or individual’s biological sex; or (2) a name or nickname to identify a student that is inconsistent with the student’s name on the student’s birth certificate. Creates an exception. Provides that a school may not require an employee or a staff member of the school to adopt, support, or promote gender fluidity.

Actions for House Bill 1346
H 01/17/2023 First reading: referred to Committee on Education
H 01/17/2023 Coauthored by Representatives King, Carbaugh, Wesco
H 01/17/2023 Authored by Representative Teshka

Link to PDF File of Introduced Bill: HB1346.01.INTR