Senate Bill 354 – Outing transgender students in Indiana

Update: This bill will likely be reconciled with House Bill 1608, which not only does it not allow any mention of sexual orientation or gender identity in K-3 classes, but it specifically encourages bullying and abuse of gender non-conforming children in schools by both students and staff members, and mandates outing gender non-conforming children to their parents.

A new bill authored by Sen. Jeff Raatz would make mandatory outing transgender students to their parents if they request to be called something other than their name or pronouns assigned at birth.

Senate Bill 354
Introduced Senate Bill (S)
Authored by Sen. Jeff Raatz.

Education matters. Provides that a: (1) school that seeks state accreditation; and (2) national or regional accreditation agency that seeks to be recognized by the state board of education (state board); must complete and submit the applicable application form established by the state board. Requires the state board to do the following: (1) Not later than six months after the date a completed application is submitted, approve or deny the accreditation or recognition. (2) If the state board denies an accreditation or recognition, send notice to the school or national or regional accreditation agency stating the reasons for the denial. Requires the department of education to post a copy of the application forms on the department’s website. Requires a public school, including a charter school, to notify the parent of an unemancipated minor, if the student: (1) makes a certain disclosure concerning the student’s gender identity or gender expression to an employee or staff member of the school; or (2) changes, expresses a desire to change, or makes a request to change the student’s name, attire, or pronoun, title, or word to identify the student in a manner that is inconsistent with the student’s biological sex at birth. Requires an employee or staff member of a school to report to the school a disclosure or information described in these provisions to the school.

Actions for Senate Bill 354

S0 1/12/2023 First reading: referred to Committee on Education and Career Development
S0 1/12/2023 Authored by Senator Raatz

Link to downloadable PDF file of the Introduced Bill: SB0354.01.INTR


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